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A couple standing in a lake during their engagement session

sessions typically last an hour to an hour and a half and include pretty much whatever you want; multiple outfit changes, multiple locations, dogs, cats, horses... you get the idea.

building a relationship with my clients is extremely important to me. I will literally be with you all day at your wedding and These sessions are a great way for us to get to know each other.


engagement sessions are included with our classic and premium packages or you can Add an engagement session to our basic and standard wedding packages for $250.

A couple posing for an engagement photo with hunting attire
Pumpkins showing the wedding date with the bride-to-be standing on a pumpkin in the background in front of the groom-to-be
Engaged couple sitting in red chairs on a snow covered road
Engaged couple standing in Lake Como kissing
Engaged couple sitting on a park bench looking at each other
Engaged couple posing during an engagement shoot
Engagement shoot with the couple's dogs
Engaged couple in the background with their dog wearing a wreath collar out front
Engagement session where the couple is doing a dip
Man kissing his fiance in a stairwell
Bride-to-be leaning against her fiance on  brick wall
Bride-to-be standing on her tip toes kissing her fiance
Engaged couple walking away down a path under an umbrella
Bride-to-be posing with her fiancé
Engaged couple laughing during an photo shoot
Bride-to-be kissing her fiancé
Bride-to-be showing off her engagement ring while fiancé holds his head in the background
Engaged couple leaning against a tree kissing
Engaged couple doing a dip at sunset
Bride-to-be with her fiancé and their three dogs
Bride-to-be crossing the street with her fiancé
Bride-to-be's hand, her fiancé's hand and their dog's paw
Engaged couple arm in arm at sunset in the forest
Engaged couple blowing snow out of their hands
Bride-to-be getting dipped and kissed by her fiancé
Soon to be married couple kissing while wrapped in a blanket
Engagement session
Engaged couple in the background with a save-the-date plaque in the foreground
Dogs looking at their humans who are engaged
Engaged couple standing in an entry way looking at each other
Bride-to-be getting lifted in the air by her fiancé at sunset
Groom-to-be dipping his future wife
Engaged couple posing during their photo session
Future husband and wife kissing on a brick wall
Close up showing engagement ring

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