And Then There Were 5

January 4, 2016

Not only do we love the name 5Ever because it is signifies more than forever; but also because there are 5 of us. We like to hashtag with 5Everstrong :) 


Before 5Ever there was R6 Photography and Photos from the Hart. After falling for eachother we took it to the next level and combined our seperate businesses...thus creating 5Ever. 

Nic brought 2 kids and 1 dog to the table, while I brought 1 kid and 2 we are 3 and 3 and loving it. 

THis year we had milestone moments with one kid starting high school, one starting middle school, and one starting school --  Pretty Exciting. 

We like to be active and enjoy the outdoors...At the top of our list: Camping, Lake time, and SPartan Races  (and so much more)! 




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