Spokane Bridal Festival

January 13, 2016


It's that time of year again...wedding fair season! It amazes me that nearly every bridal festival in the surrounding areas are all the same weekend - making it quite difficult to attend more than one. Well, this year we said goodbye to the Missoula Cherry Creek Wedding Fair, as it has continued to spiral downward year after year while the prices stayed just as high.


So, we chose to return to the two day Spokane Bridal Festival. We attended this show last winter and fall. We really enjoy the atmosphere it brings. With over 200 vendors, thousands of brides, and around a dozen photographers, it makes for a busy weekend! 

Set up.... we've really gotten quick at booth set up. This year we spruced up the booth a bit by adding pops of red and painting the wood with shades of gray, just 3, not 50 ;) We also added a mini "ceiling" that held more lights. Basically, we brought our living room :) ...our table, the area rug, a couple stools, some signs... our house is looking quite bare. After a couple hours and the last ones there, the event staff forced us to leave. We only had a half hour of work left...so close! 




Did I mention Rosaures cakes were directly across from us?! #samplecentral #willpower

Thank goodness it wasn't their cookies. 


The festival had a promotion going for the hotel we stayed in, The Davenport Grand. This place was FANTASTIC. I felt like I was staying in a fancy Vegas hotel (I'm sure there are fancy hotels everywhere, but it seems I've only stayed in fancy Vegas ones) 

With the hotel being so nice we started second guessing the fact that we had brought Sadie, the Pit Bull, with us. The internet said 'dog friendly', and since you can believe everything you read online, we went with it ;) Although, she did look out of place. 



The show didn't start until 10 am Saturday morning, which allowed for no sleeping in since we had to finish setting up... bummer... maybe tomorrow :)


We arrived early, finished setting up, and had plenty of time to spare. This allowed us to spend time wandering around admiring all the other vendors and the dozen photographers. That's a lot for one show. Every few booths you'd run into another professional offering (mostly) wonderful photos. Nic was just as obsessed with AIP Photography and their flash work as he was last year. He tried multiple times to go talk to him, but missed him each time. We got to visit with Ana, from Ana Hopkins Photography, who was just as pleasant as always. Such a wonderful lady with fantastic photos! When you talk to her you really feel like she cares and is interested in what you're saying, pretty cool! We got to reminisce with Happy Camper Photo Booth from last fall when we were located across from them. Their booth was just as adorable as before. I want to rent it out sometime! Kiddie corner from us was a brand new venue, Timber River Ranch. This place looks amazing! The owners invited us down to do a little photo shoot with them this spring, so excited! We even got invited to the same social dinner by two seperate photographers. #movingonup


When 10:00 hit the brides were piling in one after another. Our booth was located right at the entrance...first impressions, make them good! (here's a view from walking into the show)

Now, when you come to a show you have to hope for bookings right then, but understand it isn't likely to book the day of the show..still, you remain hopeful and remember they will call in the following weeks to months. Well, four hours in and we had booked FOUR! Incredible. Merely lining up brides with your open dates is hard, booking them right then and there, not common. No complaints here!! We finished out the first day booking one more wedding, giving us 5 in one day! We felt pretty awesome about it. 


We went to dinner afterwards, splurging on pasta at Luigis, yum! Followed up by a phone call...another bride...who wanted to book! Make that 6. :) Next on the agenda was an early night watching tv and falling asleep....

Sunday morning allowed for sleeping in. Yes! Day two of the fair started at 11, we said goodbye to the fancy hotel, had lunch, and returned to the booth. In years past we've always had one day shows...being able to leave it set up overnight to reuse the next day was fantastic! Felt worthwhile. 


As the day progressed we knew we banked in the brides yesterday so we assumed there was no way we would book any more, and were even hoping yeasterday's brides wouldn't back out ;)

Time went on, brides and grooms gathered information, and we booked TWO more weddings! Holy cow! What was going on...our package and booking specials must be a hit! 


4:00 came and it was time to disassemble. Again, we've become pros at this. We even managed to avoid the hustle and bustle of the 200 vendors all packing up -- solid timing. 




Overall, fantastic wedding expo!!


Epic success: 10 weddings booked

Total weddings in 2016 so far: 20


Shout outs...

Terri and Alan: thank you for the truck! Couldn't have hauled it over without it and thank you for feeding my mutts!!

Nic: thank you for organizing the fair details, printing the books, flyers, and more, and packing the truck...oh and driving!!! 

Joe and Bill: thank you for coaching my team while I was away. 

The brides and grooms we booked: thank you, we are super excited to get to know each of you

Spokane Bridal Festival: thank you for a great show, again! We'll be back! 

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